In this movement, as you shift your weight forward and back, your hands move as if they are lightly carrying a ball.  Halfway through the movement, you release the ball, allowing your hands to return as if the fingertips are tracing the rim of the platter.
Raise your hands, loosely cupped, palms facing downward, to chest height near the center of your body. 

Your weight is centered over the right leg as you begin to shift forward to the left leg and then back.  

The hands move to lightly hold a ball, like a ball of floating energy.  Move towards the left, following a clockwise motion.   
Shifting your body weight forward, the hands carry the ball out and release it halfway through the arm movement.

With looseness in your wrists, the hands and fingers return to the platter-tracing motion as your body shifts back toward the starting position.

The synchronized movement of the body with the hand and arm movements is continuous.  Maintain an upright body posture, careful not to bend forward or backward.  Gently bend your knees, release tension in the fingers, hands, wrists, and the rest of your body.

Keep your eyes open, and breathe in easy relaxed manner.

Repeat 9 times on the left.  Pause in the resting position allowing your Chi to balance, and then repeat the movement the same way on the right side.