In this movement, we shift our weight forward and back as we imagine our finger tips tracing the edge of a platter suspended before us.   From the resting position, step forward, slightly to the left, grounding the left heel. The knees are lightly bent allowing for the flow of Chi.
Raise your hands, loosely cupped, palms facing downward, to chest height near the center of your body. 

Your weight is centered over the right leg as you begin to shift forward to the left leg and then back.  

Hands and arms move toward the left, following a clockwise motion around the rim of the platter.

Your right leg straightens some, but never becomes stiff, pushing forward onto the ball of your right foot, not on the toes.  

Allow your upper body to flex slightly at the waist.

Maintain an upright posture, careful not to bend forward or backward.

You move slowly, loosely, and continuously with no stopping between repetitions.

Release as much tension in your arms, wrists, fingers, and body as you can.

Synchronize the movement so the body and arms move together, neither leading the other.
Repeat 9 times on the left.  Pause in the resting position allowing your Chi to balance, and then repeat the movement the same way on the right side.