From the resting position, begin by exhaling and pushing downward with both hands.  Turn the hands upward and lift the hands to a position above the head with the fingers directed upward, the palms facing one another, a few inches apart. 

Flex the knees allowing your body to sink while simultaneously flexing your forearms and wrists outward slightly, and back in as you return from the knee flex.  Repeat this three times. 

With supple wrists and looseness in your hands and fingers, begin a circular massaging motion as if massaging a ball of energy above the head for 5 or 6 seconds.    Hold the hands lightly in position above your head for another 5 or 6 seconds as if allowing the energy to bathe your body. 

Now, flex the knees, forearms, and wrists again three times.  On the third flex, bring the hands down in a circular motion to the starting position.  You may repeat the movement twice more for a total of three.

Light at the Temple is similar, except the hands on rising, go only to the level of the forehead, or temple.  Repeat the flexing of the knees, forearms, and wrists, with the hands on either side of the forehead. 

Massage the energy on either side of your temple, pause for 5 or 6 seconds as to allow the energy to pulsate from palm to palm.  Repeat the flexing of the knees and wrists, and return to the resting posture.  This may be done once or more.

Conclude by returning to the resting position and balance your energy before progressing.