Enjoy this light flowing side to side movement.  Release all tension in your neck, shoulders, arms, down through your finger tips.  Flexing your knees, sink and turn slightly to the right.  Position your arms across the right side of your body, left arm, palm up, below the right arm with palm facing down.

Step out to the left.  Allow your wrists to glide lightly past your opposing forearms as if you were gently pulling the air like pulling taffy with exceptionally light resistance.  Synchronize the arm movement with the weight shift to the left, raising the trailing right heel and placing it next to your left to complete the first step.  Let your hands float to the resting position by your side.  Pause.

Now, flex your knees again, sinking as you turn slightly to the left.  Position your arms across your body, right on the bottom, palm facing up, and the left above with palm facing down.  Step out to the right, shift your weight as your wrists glide lightly past your opposing forearms, gently pulling through the air.  Lift the left heel now and place next to the right.  Then close to the resting position as before.  That completes one set.

Repeat to complete six or nine sets.  Return to the resting position.  Breathe lightly, and relax before proceeding.