Letter to TCC Teachers and Students

Dear TCC Teachers and Students:

Notice of 11/30/2015
I learned about and began practicing T'ai Chi Chih in 1989.  My teaching experience started in 2001, the year I received accreditation in Albuquerque, NM.  In 2015, I took a year off to attend to issues that demanded my attention. The web site was intended to supplement my local students, to provide a platform for scheduling and posting my rates.  I chose the format as Justin Stone had advised TCC teachers to find their own way to teach, a process that he did not want to dictate for the teaching community.

I have considered different approaches to the maintenance of the web site, but ultimately decided to maintain it myself for now.  The technology I used to build this site in 2009 is now dated and the site, in my opinion, is in need of revitalization.  I anticipate making changes throughout 2016 to improve the site.  I appreciate your feedback.  In fact, it has been the feedback from site users that has prompted me to renew the web site contracts for an additional two (2) years.

You are encouraged to use the site to supplement your training and practice.  As stated often, use of the web site is no substitute for working with a teacher and/or practicing with a group.  Practice TCC as often as you are able.  See and feel the difference it makes in your life.

Kindest regards,
Chris Norkus

Accredited Teacher, T'ai Chi Chih®

Letter of 12/1/2010
In November, 2009 this web site was opened in its current form. The name reflects my feeling that T’ai Chi Chih® can and should be practiced everywhere.   I have wanted to offer this site for several years to supplement my personal instruction in T'ai Chi Chih® (TCC).

Thought behind the site…

Initially, the site was intended to host my brochure, rates, and local class information.  

I elected to include video lessons to help my students as a supplement to teacher-led training.  Anyone can access them, view and enjoy practicing with the video lessons.  I encourage all prospective students to seek an accredited TCC instructor in their area.  I sincerely hope that this site generates inquiries and attendees in your training programs.

Some people lack convenient access to a TCC teacher due to location, scheduling, or other circumstances.   This site may help some get started, maintain a practice, or increase interest enough to pursue teacher-led instruction.  Hopefully, they will be more familiar with TCC when you meet them and should progress more easily.  


The site has been up and running for one year now.  I have received correspondence from students and prospective students who have visited the site.  In several cases, these correspondents are taking lessons from other accredited teachers across the country.  Comments indicate they find the site supplements the formal training they receive from their teachers.

I have received positive feedback from some instructors whose students have found the site useful.  Also, some teachers expressed concern that this site would deter prospective learners from seeking personal instruction.  Based on the student feedback and other comments, I am certain that this site is not deterring students from seeking personal instruction from accredited teachers.

I believe the site continues to offer these benefits:

  1. Prospective students become interested in seeking an accredited TCC instructor to supplement, refine, and improve their practice.
  2. Students have an additional learning aid to review and compare their own practice.
  3. Individuals without reasonable access to TCC teachers will have a way to self-initiate or continue training.
  4. Local students will have an additional link to the TCC community and be able to check the event calendar for scheduled activities.
Enhancements will continue.

Videos and commentary will be added and revised.  Suggestions to improve the site are welcome.

I am an active TCC teacher.  I am not a philosopher, web site developer, or the planet's expert on TCC.  I do want to extend TCC to as many people as I reasonably can.   If people that we would not have otherwise touched are introduced to or maintain an interest in T'ai Chi Chih, then the site is serving its purpose.  I hope you and your students enjoy it.

Kindest regards,
Chris Norkus

Accredited Teacher, T'ai Chi Chih®
December 1, 2010