The material on this website will introduce a novice to T’ai Chi Chih® as well as provide ongoing support for the developing TCC student.  Even if you do not have convenient access to a TCC instructor, use the written information along with the videos to begin your instruction in T’ai Chi Chih®.

Content on the site will enable you to learn the movements well enough to gain benefit from the practice, and hopefully take you even deeper.  You will have the convenience of having the lessons available to you at any time of day, no matter if you are at home, at work, or traveling half a world away.   Instruction in each movement as well as full practice sessions in various lengths are provided.  Select the one that best meets your needs.  When you establish contact with an accredited TCC teacher, the practice time you have invested with the lessons on this site should enable you to progress in your learning with greater ease.  Work with the TCC teacher to refine your movements and gain a deeper feeling for the practice.

Feel free to send me questions via the web site.  If you feel the information on this web site only whets your appetite for more, your next step may be instruction from one of the hundreds of active TCC teachers.  Use the Resources section of this site to find a teacher in your area.

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